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Finally tried Tuslob Buwa for the first time. Others may find it new but it’s a popular food trip here in Cebu. Good thing we found a not-so-crowded Tuslob buwa place across Waterfront near IT Park. Plus Nic, my friend, knows how to cook it. It’s very sulit that with your 100php, you’d get the set and eat it good for 3 to 4 persons. And to tell you, the food tastes good. If you happen to visit Cebu or somewhere else’s with Tuslob buwa, you should try to drop in and eat. 

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movie review: Noah

I’ve been watching a lot of old films lately since my course deals with it, doing reviews on it at the same time. And I know I haven’t posted reviews about the movies I’ve watched so here’s to my review for the 2014 film Noah. Good thing my sister provided me a clear copy of it because I cannot afford watching it on big screen- well I’d rather watch it at home lying in my bed and so comfy. [Images from google]


Russell Crowe as Noah really gave justice to the character. To be honest, I am not a Bible reader that much but to tell you I knew this story since I was in elementary. For once I scratched my head thinking how they would make a real life ark and heavy flood. Guess what, the cinematography didn’t fail my expectations. It was gross and they really had it very realistic. The Watchers were my favorite and of course Anthony Hopkins. 

But hey, despite of the amazing special effects and a talented cast. Something’s wrong with the movie when I realized it wasn’t based on the Bible story. Even the director, Darren Aronofsky, told The New Yorker that his movie is “the least biblical-biblical film ever made”. [source: J. Lee Gradyimage

I’ve read an article made by J. Lee Grady about the 7 of the worst mistakes in Noah and I thought I really knew the story of Genesis but I was wrong when I’ve realize I was only after with the amazing effects and cinematography without even thinking the story was never the same as what you’ve read in the Bible. I wanted to read the Genesis again to clear things in my brain. Good thing I watched it for free. The movie left me in confusion, “was there really a watchers who’ve helped Noah build the ark?” — but thanks to the article J. Lee Grady made, trying to fix confusions in my head. 

I cannot blame the directors and producers of this film since it’s still as nice as what I’m expecting it to be despite of it not being truly derived from the Bible. I know for some, people will never understand the difference between the story of the movie and from the book. Okay, Emma Watson is so pretty. If you’re confused and quite interested as to what I’m trying to speak here, I suggest you should watch the movie and try reading J. Lee Grady’s article.