"Photography is about showing other people how I see things" - K.W. It’s always the simple things that guarantee individuals. I find taking pictures as my way of self expression. I take photographs randomly and somehow makes me happy. This is my escape to reality.  



real nostalgia.

all the songs that got you through your seventh grade emo phase.


That playlist though



Hello, how’s everyone doing today? I hope y’all are having a great day. So far, my Saturday’s a pretty mess. I just thought Midterm’s week is over but no. I have pending school works to do:

  • one major exam for Monday and two minors for Tuesday 
  • one objective film review
  • Hist15 project
  • two reports due next week 

Look how loaded I am for the coming weeks. I’m desperately waiting for Intramural’s week for me to somehow rest for a while at home in the province. But for the love of my course, I’m gonna be doing them now. 


Thank you sun for supplying my needs for nostalgia- I owe you these precious shots. The photos portray a little bit of loneliness. So “Let go, I am watching you, turn your back like you always do. Face the reality.” 

Let’s talk about how beautiful that place can be. See? I am not complaining at all. That portion in school might be too unorganized but still it happens to be something really beautiful. We tried visiting some part of that place and it was a beaut. The sky was so nice during that time, it was pink and blue- feeling nostalgic. 

For those of you who are following me on instagram, you’ve probably seen my posts about my band mech two days ago. Ordered something online and it took me seven days to finally get it. I ordered a 5SOS shirt and two pins. The wait wasn’t a hassle at all, it’s so worth it- the payment was all worth it. I love it so much, from the printing and the shirt itself was all good. Sure I’m gonna order again soon. You guys should check out @bandteesph on instagram. 

By the beach

Wandering and breathing in salty-fresh air is the sweetest escape I could ever imagine. On the other side, the worst, maybe you were the ocean while I was just the sand. See the confusion- that is reality.

Visited a newly opened Korean cafe a week ago. Oppa Cafe’s Talamban, Cebu City Branch. Good thing it’s just across our school and just a few walks away from my dormitory. Like any other usual Korean Cafe, it’s so fancy and the lights are rad. Plus a very affordable drinks, sure you’d feel relax and cool. For the comfort room (not in the photos), it’s glowing like you’d fly anytime lol … it’s just so cute. Be sure to drop-by!