Yes, others may not notice it but I am a band freak and a 5SOSfam. You might not know, 5SOS just released a book which they call it “Hey, Let’s make a band!” I was planning of getting it on my own yet I know it is way too impossible since it is too expensive. I don’t even have their 1st album yet neither the Amnesia EP and another one is coming, the Good Girls EP. But definitely buying them when I get money. So you might be wondering how did I get a book- I’m just too blessed to have friends abroad. Someone surprised me telling she was not able to get a beanie but something she hopes I like, instead. My friend from Florida who is very generous and loving sent me a photo of 5SOS book which I did not expect. I was overwhelmed and so happy that I cannot sleep already. She’s sending it this October so by mid-December I am personally getting it. Stoked.

Reading the Bible doesn’t make you look weak nor pathetic. It is really sad looking at those people easily judging those individuals who care to read the Bible. I myself was once a coward. The weakling hands and minds in me is so strong that I cannot bring the Bible in school by just holding it- literally afraid to show others that I am bringing Bible with me. I was afraid people will laugh at me- I hope you get my point. But I was wrong, and in deep pain and doubt. Rejecting the Bible clearly means rejecting God in your life. Not even opening it is a manifestation of not opening your heart to God. Clearly, many people in our generation developed the thought of the Bible as an “ordinary book” or- just a book. To be honest, I was one of that many people who care not to open the Bible. I was tolerated by my happiness not to open it, I was tolerated by my contentment not to read; until one day in my life where darkness covered throughout in me and I cannot see contentment nor the definition of happiness but all I see is nothing except for the Bible that did not leave me. We encounter problems in life, too many crooked paths and dark obstacles but we need to remember God is always there. I started reading the Bible then, whenever I am in deep pain or in great happiness. The Bible helped me realize that God is there, the Bible is where I see God’s existence, the Bible saved me. I am now learning to read the Bible every night before sleep, ‘cause that’s the only time where I see and feel the sincerest being of my heart. I feel like I just opened my heart to God, I feel so close to Him. And now, I feel like I’ve won a million for having the best book ever. 

Had an invitational photoshoot last weekend and it was all good. It was all about a “Kpop promotional video” but I was asked to do the photoshoot. Visited a place where every part of it needs to have a signed permit. We were not able to enjoy the places since we were told by the police that we’re not allowed to take any photos or use the place for a shoot. We had it around 3 o’clock in the afternoon, so the sun sets by the time we found a better place. Just one thing you must have when you are around South Road Properties- Car. And thankfully someone own one. Good thing we had a quick snaps. I’d be posting more photos soon or should I?- I haven’t even got too formal and clear shots but my other friend did. By the way, it’s just so nice meeting new friends. 

I’d always address credits to my friend, Nicolas. I do not own an iPhone or any other high quality phone camera so I always borrow it from him whenever I would want to take good shots of anyone and anything. Photos above were taken 2 weeks ago, we were bored then. It’s our past time playing and experimenting camera angles. And Niccolie was model of that day.

Met one of Cebu’s Young Visionaries, one of the members of Transformers and Born Legacy’s art department, Sir Kaloy Uypuanco. It was such an honor meeting him in person and having a lecture with him. Talking about film and his field inspires me. He really has a wide vision on what he’s doing and what he’s gonna contribute to the future world of films. He has the ability to make youths and individuals feel the essence of determination, being passionate and setting of goals in life. Sir Kaloy prepared slides for us where he explained and gave us further information as to how “Production Design” could give life to a film. I’ve learned so much from the lecture and it indeed gave me the guts to pursue this field I am in right now.