Yesterday, Ormoc celebrated it’s 66th Charter Day which on the same day, falls the anniversary of McArthur’s landing in Leyte. Met up with my friends after church, it was supposed to be 9:00am sharp but how the heavens others came in at around 11:00 o’clock and we were all hungry already. It was quiet unusual, the City was pretty boring yesterday. We had our lunch at Pardis and we just had Vivo ktv bar instead of watching the dance at the dome. I was afraid then because of the aftershocks, we might not know. We also had Mayong’s and the burger of course. You people, when you come and visit Ormoc with one of your future trips you should try our Mayong’s burger, the best. We checked plaza at around 3:00pm and it was too crowded so we headed to RSM for some chills, the usual ugh. Still no joy and fun in there and so we ended up ourselves buying K-pop ballers at the Plaza, again. Got home at around 6:00pm and I was overwhelmed by the faces I was with the whole day. Missed my friends so much and I love them very much. 

Photo credits: Mayumi Kanie

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